About this site

This site aims to collect information related to Japanese culture published in museums, libraries, etc. around the world, and to provide them with a common and reusable format. We support the discovery and utilization of electronically available resources.

System overview

For more information about collection, please refer to "About the sources of Cultural Japan".

System list

RDF Store: http://ld.cultural.jp/sparql/

Data collected from domestic and overseas organizations (including IIIF Discovery in Japan) is converted to Japan Search RDF Schema. Query by SPARQL 1.1 is available. A Snorql interface is also provided, which is easy to use with a browser.

Search application: https://cultural.jp/

This stores the data acquired from Cultural Japan's RDF store and Japan Search's RDF store in Elastic Search, and provides a search function with facets that are easy to use with a browser.